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First development of the Forex Neuro Trader indicator for EUR/USD 5 Mins

Indicator MT4

Use the Neuro Indicator (MACD) with your MT4 platform and combine it with other indicators...


We use about 20.000 data for training and after this we're testing out-of-sample

 Neuro MACD

Neuro MACD

Here you see the Forex Neuro Trader MACD with a prediction possibility of
one to five bar in advance!

It's a neural network or artificial intelligence indicator!
At the indicator window you see the original MACD in green, and in red and blue you see the NEURO MACD.

It is able to be faster for one and up to five bars! How does this work? We use a lot of data to make Is it always right? No, it's no holy grail, it is a technical indicator, which also is wrong, BUT you have a higher probability of being right! The Neuro MACD indicator is optimized for EUR / USD 5 Mins, but it also works on H1, M30, M1, etc...

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Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs
Founder & CEO

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It's an advantage to be some bars faster!

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