This site is all about forex trading, tips and strategies with help/support of artificial intelligence / neural networks.

First of all, I’m a trader. First contact with financial products – stocks in the year 1999/2000.
Since 2006 Forex, after short time CFDs. 2007 I started to use and learn about neural networks. 2016 I started with Crypto (trading and mining)
I use simple neural networks in MetaTrader4, switched to other software and now implemented predictions in MT4 indicator. Actual predictions are done with ChaosHunter, but there is also other good (free) software!

Software/neural networks/design of the network, not only matter,  important is:

  • what are the inputs?
  • how much data do you use?
  • Out-of-Sample Test! (not only backtest, also OOS)

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  1. Ricardo Gil says:

    I’m interested in indicators for test

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